BREAKING NEWS: MISSING CHILDREN Canadian International Child Abduction Alexander Christopher Watkins

BREAKING NEWS & EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW MISSING CHILDREN ABDUCTED FROM CANADA TO EUROPE / POLAND ROGERS TV – LOCAL FIRST NEWS Reported by Brianne Thom More info on these Abducted Missing Children here: Join CAUSE Help find these Missing Children here: OCTOBER 19, 2009 (Video Synopsis written by Stephen Watkins) A Newmarket, Ontario father, Stephen Watkins, has been searching for his missing children abducted to Europe for 7 months for his two abducted missing children, Alexander & Christopher Watkins in this incredible and sad International Parental Child Abduction story from Canada. The biological father, Stephen Watkins, was awarded Final Sole Custody of the children by the Canadian Courts on January 26, 2009 after the children were apprehended by the Catholic Children Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS) on November 2007 over mental / physical abuse caused by the children’s mother. The boys were placed in the Sole Custody Care of Stephen Watkins by the CCAS and Courts in December 2007 as he already had a Joint Custody Order issued on February 16, 2006. The children have both been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting of the care they received and Alexander, the oldest son, has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder which has been denounced by the child’s mother in previous Court proceedings. A few weeks after the January 26th Court Ruling , Alexander WATKINS (7 yrs) and

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9 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: MISSING CHILDREN Canadian International Child Abduction Alexander Christopher Watkins”

  1. and am still surfing under my blanket’s wave~

  2. Stephen Watkins is a member of Peace4 the Missing and recently left the following info on our network … sharing here as well in hopes that his boys may soon come home to him …

    “Watkins Missing Children” in the 4th Annual Mashable Awards NEWS Article by:

    Sara Huizenga
    Founder of Peace4 the Missing

    To vote for the Watkins video:
    1- GOTO –
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  3. Sitheis2009 says:

    Did my response help as much as you hoped it would?

  4. stephenawatkins says:

    To my MISSING son’s Alexander & Christopher Watkins,

    I had a very hard 1st Christmas without you and I miss you very much!

    I am still searching and I will NOT STOP until I find you and bring you home.

    Love Dad,
    Stephen Watkins

  5. TriumVirateABAP says:

    It got hard to prosecute the parent who kidnaps a child but when they totally disregard the law to take child accross our nations borders abroad. Hague Convention Laws are clear. When the Swiss Acts took place in Europe itwas only going to be a matter of time to impliment and fine tune accountability here on this continent.

    You had better believe everone is sweating hard to hide what some have virtually done. People who harm others like this say many things about politics, and the law.

  6. MissingKidsTV says:

    MKTV fullly supports the efforts to try to find these children. Anything we can do to help, let us know.

  7. stephenawatkins says:

    I am missing my sons, Alexander and Christopher Watkins very much. Please help locate my children in Europe by sharing this video with all your friends and family! Thank-you! ~ STEPHEN WATKINS~

  8. stephenawatkins says:


    Thank you for watching.

    Please CC this URL to all MEDIA agencies and re-forward this link to all your friends and family.

    This sad story needs to be heard in all European countries.

    Thank you so much!
    (Searching Father)

  9. ForeverSearchingKids says:

    Good to see this getting media time.

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