Master Bratislav Stajic, 8-th Dan, introducing self defense aikido techniques in real situations

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    1. sacrednic says:

      @semen672 The same could be said for any martial-art. If I went and did a year of boxing, that isn’t going to help me much against someone with a knife, or several attackers at once, or even against someone else with many more years of street-fighting experience. It would require years of boxing practice to adequately prepare myself for anything.

    2. loceelen says:

      @sacrednic with some techniques they will, with others they will just go flat on their face, lol

    3. semen672 says:

      Looks nice but don’t forget – Mr Stajic is 8th dan.
      Anyone who ever been in the real fight must know that nothing works like this. Uke’s attack’s are schematic, every stab and stroke goes straight and sort of “wait’s” for “victim’s” defense.
      Aikido is a real Martial Art but not great for self defense unless you practice it for many years. The reason is there is not real sparring or confrontation, every attacks are prearranged.

    4. froseo9 says:

      So like maby im gonna sound dumb, but how come you never see like a guy that’s like (Ripped?) can’t find the words, in an aikido video, their always like big :P. But dont get me wrong their pretty god damn hardcore and im not the most well trained person in the world. And they could easily make me cry like a baby, but still :p

    5. LA55A51N0 says:

      @kyle1815 *and every move used to kill or paralyse, they just made it more friendlier ^^

    6. sacrednic says:

      @kyle1815 lol.. well said :) though I cant help but wonder if people with no ukimi experience would flip anyway due to the sheer amount of sudden pain coursing through their body like an electric shock. I reckon they’d flip over but they wouldn’t get back up ;-)

    7. sacrednic says:

      Fantastic video. We need more of these on YT so that people can see the practicality of Aikido in a real-life situation.

      Though I suppose they could always take it one step further and demonstrate Aikido on someone with no martial-arts experience. But who would be stupid enough to volunteer? :)

    8. DaAlzki7852 says:

      @kyle1815 HA! Finally someone with sense! People forget that when ur a trained fighter you study movements and you pretty much memorize what attack stances and movements you will be exposed to…its not a matter of it being staged but its already expected. To be a trained fighter you have to know what to expect in order to counter it.

    9. NothingAtAllXD says:

      Only in America

    10. Dali87100 says:


    11. kasaan072207 says:

      Good Uke and nice execution of techniques!

    12. ianails says:


    13. GovernorSwarzenegger says:

      @frankgon4 Either way Jet Li would whoop anybody’s ass! :-)

    14. frankgon4 says:

      @GovernorSwarzenegger That would make a bad video and one crippled person. Aikido moves can easily lead to life long crippling. Tendons, ligaments and joints get torn in a split second. Look at where the pressure is being applied in the video – shoulder joints and wrist joints.

    15. frankgon4 says:

      @acousticisforbitches He let the arm extend itself. This momentum of extension was used to pull the man to the ground.

    16. frankgon4 says:

      @kyle1815 Exactly. Most attackers don’t know how to fall. They end up with torn ligaments, tendons, and broken bones.

    17. BartlomiejLes says:

      @kyle1815 that’s why the very first thing at training is learning flipping and safe falls. I’m just starting the aikido, and I’ve fallen several times awkwardly. That’s not nice, believe me.

    18. Racefreak1976 says:

      Looks so easy, but its so fuckin hard to learn. I’ve given up on aikido. I just don’t have the patience for this beautiful martial art.

    19. Aessari says:

      @bostonian314 Well I doubt you can call me stupid, since Martial Art effectivness is not mesured by the Martial Art itself, but by the fighter who trains it. Im also not saying my opinion about akido, or that its good or not, but yelling out that a X martial art is the best, is just stupid.

    20. bostonian314 says:

      @Aessari : Having an Opinion doesn’t make someone stupid…in fact you contradict yourself…because that actually makes you stupid as well…because it is only by opinion that you think he is wrong in the first place…

    21. Aessari says:

      @MrJudo15 saying “HANDS DOWN, AIKIDO RULES THE MARTIAL ARTS WORLD!!!!!!!!” makes you look very stupid and then even more stupid. /sigh

    22. GokiGandalf says:

      @riveraluciano it is 100% sankyo it was easy to recognise .

    23. GokiGandalf says:

      @kyle1815 great comment but you’ve got a litlle mistake it is ukemi not “ukimi”

    24. riveraluciano says:

      was the technique 4 sankyo or a really ugly nikyo?

    25. GovernorSwarzenegger says:

      @storyacoustic I appreciate the information but I looked that up as well and its the same thing. And I know these are “demonstrations” but I wanna see some real fights with Aikido! I really think its the best martial arts for self defense. Its more real than people being able to jump up and kick three dudes in the head with 1 kick. Even though that is amazing!

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