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A global popular topic not addressed in quite this way, a link between the common cold and the Avian Flue Pandemic? The President of the United States of America fueled world panic over a mutated virus that does not yet exist by funneling billions of U.S. dollars into voodoo science and research to develop vaccines for a virus that may never mutate to the level of people to people contamination. But these deadly vaccines themselves are being stockpiled by the entire developed world, and have the potential to eliminate billions of people. President Bush has stated in a public interview on the topic of the pending avian flu that when the first confirmed case of the avian flu is reported, that city or state will be quarantined and U.S. military forces will be used to enforce martial law. Perhaps the hidden agenda of the world governments and the big business of pharmaceutical drugs and the vast fortunes invested in developing this arsenal of chemical warfare is simply an insurance that a pandemic will occur. So, it becomes a frightening reality that it is not a matter "if", but only "when" it will begin. From The Common Cold to The Pending Avian Flu" Is more than a survival guide, it will stimulate you to look beyond the obvious and perhaps erase the intended fear from your minds. Knowing that what we fear we draw to us, it becomes obvious that the public brainwashing and instilling far globaly it merely increases our acceptance of something that doesn’t exist. Is it possible that a hideous plan is in the works to unleash a pandemic on the world that will exceed anything Hitler dreamed of? Find out from this book if the vast majority of diagnosed flu cases are really the flu at all. Don’t wait till the six o’clock news or the front page of your local morning paper tells you that the "big one" has hit, and the hospitals are filled to capacity. Arm yourself with the information in the "survival guide" and share it with those you love. Getting sucked into the voodoo mentality that you must get in line for your vaccinations is only insurance that you will increase the odds that you will be one of the billions that will perish. Arm yourself with the information found in this survival guide, and have no fear…
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