America Fights Back Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age by Gottlieb & Workman

A book review about “America Fights Back Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age” by Gottlieb & Workman After reading this book it showed that we (shooters & those who support the 2nd amendment) are not alone as the media portrays. We are many. Take care & God bless, Steve

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25 Responses to “America Fights Back Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age by Gottlieb & Workman”

  1. princedlb2k3 says:

    Yes That Makes Perfect Sense..

  2. justlikeneo says:

    Steve, thanks for this video – I’m going to pick up a copy of this book. I feel like the only Sheepdog in my circle of friends and family. It’s nice to know that there are others like me out there. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  3. cooldoggjake says:

    A perfect example of what ur talking about is in Kennesaw,Ga where an ordinance states that the head of the household MUST own a gun with ammunition and they have one of the lowest crime rates in the whole area!!

  4. huguenot67 says:

    For a safe society, only the police and the military should have guns. Just look at how safe Nazi Germany was……well except if you were a Jew, or a homosexual (sorry Rosie O’Donnell), or a communist, or a Jehovah’s Witness, or a gypsy, or a Catholic priest, or if you had opposed Hitler at some point, or if your neighbors told the Gestapo you did something they didn’t like, or if you were retarded or deformed, or if you were an identical twin, or if you were a Slav……

  5. fredhart says:

    Please watch the video I just requested to be attached. The SAF is the most effective Pro-Gun Organization and Alan Gottlieb is my hero!

  6. rooftopeagle says:

    I need to get this book, it could hold good information to help me get facts on how gun ownership is a human right so that I can keep pressuring the government in Canada to allow us to own and carry guns without limitation.

  7. Norcalbowhunter says:

    @operator223 Amen. The whole point of the second amendment was to protect ourselves from tyranny. However sadly today most people do not understand what the point of it is and it seems they want to remove that right from us. I do not believe that firearms will ever be banned from the USA. To many of us use them as a way of life from hunting, to protection from bad guys, it would start a civil war if they were to try and ban them. Prohibition anyone? That didn’t go so well….

  8. mywillpower1 says:

    There you go using logic again.

  9. tnoutdoors9 says:

    I’m buying that book. Just yesterday, was thinking about a sign over a parking lot proclaiming “This area protected by video survelliance”. What “protection”? Those cameras do nothing more than report the crime and hopefully lead to a capture and prosecution. Don’t be a victim, legally carry a gun and learn how and when to use it. And I like the flag!

  10. CornerTalker says:

    Compare two histories of the Twentieth Century:
    United States and Canada, where guns were available, brought us crime and individual murders. On the other hand, Europe, where only the governments had guns, slaughtered tens of millions.

  11. mjreynolds02 says:

    Vermont. I think that says it all.

  12. jhynesyahoo says:

    @l7lll ha ha haha, there are guns available in the uk tho

  13. daw9y says:

    Its always a joy to watch your video,and with my son that going to be 2 never do i have any surprises with your vid keep up the great work my friend and thank you for all your hard work …..putting the time in for us

  14. l7lll says:

    The British have a term for unarmed citizens; SUBJECTS……………

  15. Mrcaffinebean says:

    I’m gonna get some 2A books to read in my High School English class. It really messes with the English teachers!

  16. BlueCollarSurvival says:

    Rock Solid Logic, sir

  17. pastorgeorgec says:

    I am one of the millions!

  18. CleanHappyGlock says:

    @operator223 feinstein, pelosi, boxer, all cancers of Ca.

  19. operator223 says:


    the traitors feinstein and pelosi back in the day ganged up on the san francisco bay area gun stores and shut almost all of them down. no price is hard to pay for these two lyin filthy thievin leeches for political gain.

  20. SaX85100 says:

    woooo!!! you can make your videos longer than 10 minutes!! heh, I don’t know when this happened but congrats!

  21. AppalachianFreedom says:

    – EXACTLY! — But as long as the insanity continues of folks that claim to to “Pro Gun” keep supporting politicians and political partyies that are not…our rights are in danger!

  22. almoralesjr says:

    I carry a gun cause a cop is too heavy! -Author unknown

  23. operator223 says:

    Well if we dont start fighting back against crime ourselves we’re gonna lose it all. Cops can only show up to take reports for the insurance company and organize the cleanup – after you’re dead, crippled, or raped.

  24. theArmedJanitor says:

    @CleanHappyGlock yea, she knows that when seconds count the po po are only minutes away, lol.

  25. theArmedJanitor says:

    @laney50w exactly

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