Ali G – LAPD, Gangs, Dog Training

Ali G learns about the different aspects of law enforcement

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    25 Responses to “Ali G – LAPD, Gangs, Dog Training”

    1. heyshutupyou says:

      ha would it be bad to do shadow puppets in the ghetto

    2. y3wtub3 says:

      @232323C lol remember this video was added 4 years ago… :)

    3. l235n3p5 says:

      and what else does he sell?

    4. AntonioRepiso says:

      “you say tomato I say potato” LOL

    5. Sjiiit says:

      2:56 he still throws up the WEST SIDEEEE

    6. thatposterguy says:

      “Well our dogs are busy, there out looking for explosives so they don’t have the time to interview the other dogs”

    7. 232323C says:

      somebody needs to tell this guy that aaaa ITE went out long ago…lol

    8. MrDevah says:


    9. HaartBreakKid says:

      ‘Do you interview the dogs yourself or do you get one of the senior dogs to do it’

    10. HaartBreakKid says:

      ‘Alright, this is dangerous work, lets get the brothers in to find the bomb’

    11. deeppurple28 says:

      Not a word for an Hour?!

    12. lHEENA101 says:

      Deaf gangs hahaha!!

    13. oOoSOLACEoOo says:

      “When they h’actually find the bomb, how long does it take the dog to defuse it?” XD Legend!!!

    14. KATOMATE01 says:

      @bradleybloodjesse because it is a funny part?? You basically just asked why do people quote movies? how dumb of a question is that.

    15. bradleybloodjesse says:

      Why do ppl get the urge to whrite down exacly what they just herd off a vedio?

    16. fuckoff187 says:

      he tried to trick gates into saying OJ killed his wife but it failed

    17. skrivas says:

      2:02 hahahahaha

    18. 432farhad123 says:

      my man bill gates lmao

    19. saqib09 says:

      I don’t know how this guy ever became police chief despite being such a cool guy.

    20. keenerj30 says:


    21. astoriazfinest13 says:

      got me lmaooo everytime

    22. Legendworking says:

      he killed marge…

    23. b13pink says:

      Ali G!

    24. midoshy1992 says:

      the other dogs are busy searching for bombs, that’s why we have to do the interviewing ourselves lmao!!

    25. 12beef34 says:

      @pele17 that was in a song i heard today, creep

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