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25 Responses to “Aikijutsu Self Defense”

  1. ikutsu2001 says:

    Dude yes! YES!!
    lol I actually dont know if this one is right for me, I’m looking for something in self defense but in a non violent way. i would rather use violence as a last resort

  2. albert110596 says:

    tapi tetep aja harus belajar teknik dasarnya

  3. Ryodakun says:

    Thinking about picking up some martial arts.
    Maybe your video just helped me decide a bit.
    Looks impressive.

  4. supernatural093 says:

    Oh poor guy… even if this just a demonstration, he sure gets knocked down too many times… LOL.


  5. MrBrawlerkid says:


  6. reduntildead says:

    Well done lads good to see this shown on ground, the lad will have a few bruises slapping the floor

  7. ed1nh0 says:

    Gostei desse! Se aproxima mais de situações reais, onde mesmo com domínio da técnica nem tudo sai perfeitamente “redondo”. Muito bom!

  8. phleb1968 says:

    Finally, someone who does it right.

  9. aikijutsuryu says:

    ive watched thousands of aiki clips on you tube and this is the first one i have found thats really good and showcases the true art of aikijutsu great job guys, and can i ask who your sensei is please

  10. Altonahk says:

    @JumpstyleFreakUp What I meant was how he kept moving from one hold to a better, with his goal being to put him in a lock on the ground. He could have just stopped with the first lock and been done then and there.

  11. LeonLaguna says:

    great video, what’s the name of the song?

  12. hapkiyoosool says:

    Very nice. We like to do this every Friday night at my school with multiple attackers. It is always extrmemly helpful. My students love it.

  13. ellisd82 says:

    Quality Vid – thanks for posting!

  14. ellisd82 says:

    Quality vid – thanks for posting!

  15. JumpstyleFreakUp says:

    @Altonahk Yeah but this is a demo isnt it, probs the guy is his friend, so im betting he doesnt wanna inflict real injury…just sayin’ ;)

  16. phillydisco says:

    Damn hoodies! :)
    I would only say that the best way to finish things off is the run the hell out of there. You don’t know if the guy has friends hanging around the corner waiting to get in on the action.

  17. Altonahk says:

    Good stuff, but two notes: 1) don’t “hold” them in a lock, move past there joints tolerance and break/hyper-extend/dislocate the joint. (2 Once the hitting starts, don’t stop until he can’t move.

  18. Kimerou says:

    Nice. This is street AikiJutsu. I train Aiki and I find it very interesting and fun to learn. AikiJutsu is the tradition samurai martial art.

  19. DragonZord90 says:

    First time I take a look at this martial art. Looks very instresting.

  20. c0c020101 says:

    cette vidéo donner la bonne image de l’aikijutsu ..pas ou pas celle ou il fait ca main comme une coteau hh

  21. TactKage says:

    Love the speed of the knife defense demonstration. Many people who demonstrate it always do it so slow that it really doesn’t seem effective. Although really enjoyed the different variations of techniques for the same scenario if one or the other is not available to you.

  22. shinbooks says:

    Very nice concepts. Keep up the work.

  23. marcanthonypoirier says:

    nice skills

  24. kn1ght0fcydon1a says:

    wow dude!

  25. billgober2 says:

    well said itsumomanabu

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