Aiki Yawara jitsu (Small hand bo) For Stefano:)

Aiki Yawara jitsu (Small hand bo) For Stefano:) He is a fine student and friend. He has plenty to teach those willing to learn. My respect brother! Please vist his page at The name Yawara-Jitsu comes from the millenary Yawara or “agility art”, from which have arisen various schools such as Wa-Jitsu, Tai-Jitsu, Kumuishi,or Kempo. I call what I teach with the Yawara, Aiki Yawara-Jitsu as its my own view on the use of the Yawara with the rules of Aiki applied to its use in Waza. This is a protective tool that is shaped like a flashlight or a ballpoint pen. It can be made of metal or wood or plastic. Many kinds and styles are for sale online. The yawara-bo is used to apply pressure in certain parts of the body to immobilize an attacking person. The pressure applied with this tool is used with jiu-jitsu or Aiki techniques. Even a very small person/child can bring a very large attacker down with the Yawara with ease if trained in the art. The beauty about this weapon is that it is so small it can be neatly concealed to give your attacker the impression that you are unarmed thus giving you an edge. Please make sure its legal for you in your country/state to carry or own. Again I say please train with care as with all Martial arts Injury, Death,etc can be a result of careless training.

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    25 Responses to “Aiki Yawara jitsu (Small hand bo) For Stefano:)”

    1. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      @billibongojutsu Thank you kindly. Greetings from the USA:)

    2. billibongojutsu says:

      very good…very well done… greetings from Germany

    3. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thank you very much. Peace!

    4. salsazenzei says:

      Fantastic teaching Robert Sensei… You ae a great instructor in this art. Peace my friend.

    5. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Your very welcome. Peace!

    6. villrg0a says:

      thanks for sharing my friend :)

    7. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thank you. And I will pass the thanks on to my Uke.

    8. boxerama says:

      Great video! Thank you for posting it and many thanks to your uke for his assistance!

    9. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thank you very much Musashi1596!

    10. musashi1596 says:

      To put it simply, I think this video is fantastic.

    11. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thank you PappaPino. Have a great day my friend. Peace!

    12. PappaPino says:

      Very nice techniques. I like the yawara (kubotan) a lot.
      Thank you for sharing.
      With kind regards.

    13. gekiryudojo says:

      I’m having the House rewired at the moment so the place is chaos! on the training front things are great and I got two new students last week and everything is great rob will be back very soon so more filming soon.

    14. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Damn that’s messed up bro! You crack me up man. How have things been on your side?

    15. gekiryudojo says:

      Guess what i tried one of these moves on my mom, now she is dead thnx to u guys :D

      (just kidding) Trev

    16. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thank you Tatakai1. Peace!

    17. Tatakai1 says:

      Great demo off some of the techniques that can be applied with this pocker weapon

    18. analihilator says:

      haha im going to go through this video again and count how many times you make your ever suffering victimexamplestudent tap out.

      awesome video as always iron fist!

    19. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thanks peacemaker281! Peace!

    20. peacemaker281 says:

      Very informative and great lesson Robert!

    21. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thanks villrg0a! Peace!

    22. villrg0a says:

      Thanks my friend, yawara is a fav!

    23. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Hell friend. Thank you as always. Rei!

    24. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      Thank you for your kind comments gulsanos. Peace and God bless.

    25. ironfisteagleclaw says:

      OK cool I will go take a look. Thanks Rick. Peace!

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