80 Techniques: Helio Gracie Tribute- Migliarese Bros. (BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitu Self Defense)

GraciePhilly.com Grand Master Helio Gracie (Oct 1 1913 – Jan 29 2009) was known as the father of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ. He was the father of the world-renowned fighters Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie, Royce Gracie, Relson Gracie and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) founder Rorion Gracie In this video, a documentary, Phil and Ricardo Migliarese, demonstrate the Helio GRacie Brazilian jiu jiutsu self defense system. A Tribute to the master THis system was the Beginning of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

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28 Responses to “80 Techniques: Helio Gracie Tribute- Migliarese Bros. (BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitu Self Defense)”

  1. When I can’t train I watch BJJ videos

  2. bjj dvd says:

    This is my favorite BJJ video clip

  3. bjj training says:

    Me gustó un video de zhoo zhitsu

  4. heidtmanmail says:

    @tojiro12 yeah i dunno. who are any of us to try and figure this out. it might have even started in gladiator times.

  5. tojiro12 says:

    @heidtmanmail well considering madara (the man who taught the gracies classical Jiu-jitsu/ Judo) was going around the world competing in no holds bared matches it predates both of bruce lee and the gracies. also the gracies didn’t start it in brazil either, but they took part in vale tudo. I’m not sure where it first began either though.

  6. heidtmanmail says:

    I dont know if i agree bjj created mma. it dominated it in the beginning thats for sure. I always question whether bruce lee started mma or was it the gracies. I have no clue. i jerk off to jc penny catalogs so dont take my word.

  7. lightmyfire90 says:

    @EnchantedOrchids is not a sport for females sorry

  8. sufuislam says:

    real martial arts I like it , I like it nice crisp tecniques

  9. iMaKeUsHoOk says:

    True samurais

  10. redbull90 says:

    i think thats exactly the point. a simpler version of j jiu jitsu

  11. Lordasia says:

    Love this!!!

  12. iamgodan says:

    Fantastic video! I wish people put more emphasis on defese persao instead “the game” jugao. thank you very much.

  13. therealgeeza says:

    u guys move great. congrats.

  14. sidneyopela says:

    in 4:50 you did wrong!!
    you got to take that arm that is free, or your oponent will break your face!!!

  15. ohvtnc says:

    bem interessante

  16. RMFAMEFTW says:

    Very very nice video, when I see it I want directly start to grapple,I´m a BJJ beginner, but couldnt you get in a Triangle Choke at 4:52 ?
    sorry for my bad english :D

  17. dudesrock2 says:

    When BJJ turns to self defence he resembles a broken down style of Japanese Jujutsu

  18. m1ah88 says:

    I totally loved the video! It made me want to put on my gi and start training despite it being 5:00 am! 5 stars!

  19. G3331000 says:


  20. G3331000 says:


  21. thewalrus12 says:

    To be able to tell any man that he cannot defeat you is to wield true power – Saulo Ribeiro (on Helio Gracie)

  22. bellesaconmorale says:

    Loved this video…great demonstrations! Thank you for sharing guys :)

  23. Lartista777 says:

    This is clearly one of the BEST demonstration videos I’ve ever seen!!! Great techniques!!!

  24. Whyisthat101 says:

    Yea too many people turn it into a sport and forget about the self defence aspect.

  25. zachier13 says:

    @EnchantedOrchids How did you do in your second tournament????

  26. chrisl9 says:

    Great vid, BJJ is very good for self defense too.

  27. SGBtheFIGHTER says:

    awesome video

  28. elish009 says:

    5 stars…!!
    great vid

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