3/3 Cote De Pablo Interrogation Room 2008 by CBS

Cote de pablo – Ziva -

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18 Responses to “3/3 Cote De Pablo Interrogation Room 2008 by CBS”

  1. KaniAyuubiSugimari says:

    AWWW. She has a CUUUTE laugh. :D

  2. coteandpauleyrulexx says:

    shes hot and im a strait girl

  3. DXsukIT says:

    @prueunknownsoldier very true

  4. weazly13 says:

    Have a little trust will ya?!

  5. nikhope says:

    i like her laugh!!!

  6. prueunknownsoldier says:

    she looks beautiful in this clip

  7. snowangel21111 says:

    uwah, she looks super pretty here <3

  8. LizabethTucker says:

    Actually it is. The NCIS Yahoo Group asked us to send questions for the cast. I know at least four other people who had their questions chosen for the videos.

  9. calebinoutlook says:

    yea right. i dont think its ur question

  10. Johnny15depp says:

    Hey this ? is from PSL Florida!! I live in PSL

  11. Johnny15depp says:

    I Live in PSL too!!lol

  12. Robbi3Liv3 says:

    Hey dude that’s awesome! Good on ya!

  13. LizabethTucker says:

    Since this is my question, I was thrilled to see it chosen.

  14. Meeliissaa10 says:


  15. GermanyGirl1508 says:

    I really love her <3

  16. Demasiadonada says:

    So that’s a definite yes no, then.

  17. Wildcat0407 says:

    She says she is trying to stay in shape so it definately helps LOL. It’s hard to tell because she starts laughing.

  18. BroadwayDreams13 says:

    what the heck is she saying at the end??

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