1/3 Cote De Pablo Interrogation Room 2008 by CBS

NCIS Video NCIS – Interrogation with the NCIS Cast – Cote de Pablo

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    21 Responses to “1/3 Cote De Pablo Interrogation Room 2008 by CBS”

    1. 2n4n6n8n says:

      love love LOVE ziva’s hair like that!!!

    2. lenanana8 says:

      @prueunknownsoldier haha yeah its a latin thing.

    3. emms232 says:

      and what about under covers? :)…they were together….even just for one episode

    4. CreativeIceCp says:

      Welcome to Interogation Observation

    5. Sibzlipz says:

      She’s sooo pretty!!

    6. kickbutgurl says:

      lol cote reminds me of me and my friend we r totally crazy and fun lol

    7. omnomnomfulol says:

      Cote is so awesome, she reminds me a lot of my best friend :)

    8. heartofagreengirl says:

      awesome video :D what season is this?

    9. blondes4annasophia says:

      What they are going to do!!! LOL! She corrected herself because it could be like Ziva and Tony!!!!!

    10. WannaBTutor says:

      There wasn’t much content to that interview. Cool set up though.
      Please visit my message board. The link is in my profile. Thank you!

    11. SupernaturalSushi says:


    12. prueunknownsoldier says:

      lol she talks a lot with her hands

    13. buddydude11 says:

      “Welcome to Interogattion Observation,” HOLY CRUD!
      I’d run OUT of the room!

    14. KRaGG101 says:

      She answered it … she said that she doesn’t know what the writers will do with the character’s but Michael and she think that they will hold the tension. Fair enough

    15. Meeliissaa10 says:


    16. ncisgirl101 says:

      ON TEAM TIVA!!!! GO cote and Michael — you know you want to!!

    17. xoxo2cool4uxoxo says:

      she didn’t really answer the question, did she? ahh… i hate that!

    18. mileyhilaryduff says:


    19. DoodleTaffy says:

      wow!sean look really good @ the 1st part

    20. sto04084071 says:

      what the name of the song after the ncis theme ?

    21. lol0dancing0squirell says:

      Talk about a simple answer!!!

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