01/20/2011 – Hailey Dunn Case – RAW Interview – Billie Dunn

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    4 Responses to “01/20/2011 – Hailey Dunn Case – RAW Interview – Billie Dunn”

    1. Hans021220 says:

      @P00PKINZ Did you notice that somebody was opening the door?
      This was a tv-interwiev…

    2. Hans021220 says:

      Billy,I do not know if you are reading this or not,but you said here on this tape that people are driving throu shouting bad and hurting things.That tells more about them than you!That is bad behavior!I wonder what they will say/do when that day comes(I am sure that down the aile it will)that proove that you are innocent…..Will they be proud of what they did?
      There are so many people out there that believe in your innocense,Billy,and I am 1 of them.
      Keep your head up high!
      Do not give up!

    3. P00PKINZ says:

      Did you notice how Billy seemed irritated when she asked who it was? If someone was trying to get hold of me and my child was missing, I would jump up and wonder if that was news about my missing daughter…

    4. suckanorange says:

      God bless every single person out there on foot/car/helicopter looking for this girl. My God I hope you find her alive.

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